[CentOS] Are we ever going to see a CentOS store?

Sat Jul 22 21:28:48 UTC 2006
Preston Crawford <me at prestoncrawford.com>

So I was sending some money off to Firefox today for a hat. And I was
thinking, I haven't donated money to CentOS yet. It's just sitting here,
running. It's acting as a web server, mail server, mail filter, spam
filter, samba and print server and many other things. More importantly,
it's done its job so consistently for so long that sometimes I basically
forget about it. I run Yum once in a while and otherwise I leave it. For
so many years I upgraded every 6 months. Red Hat 6 through 7.1, I think.
Mandrake 8 to 9. SuSE 8 to 9.1. Fedora Core 1 and 2. Finally I stumbled on
CentOS and I haven't touched my OS substantially in quite some time.

So I donated finally today. Just a little. Hopefully more later. But I
figured while I was at it I'd say a couple things.

#1 - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don't think that gets said enough.
But to those of you who make this happen, thank you. You almost take it
for granted sometimes when you have a distro that is so stable and
consistent that you barely have to think about it. Your efforts, while
sometimes forgotten because of how consistent they are, aren't forgotten.
And thanks to Red Hat as well. :)

#2 - We need some CentOS schwag. Shirts, hats, maybe a place where someone
like me would happily put down the money for some printed documentation
and an official DVD. I know all of that stuff comes with a cost and a
price, but I'd love to see it happen someday and would gladly snap up some
CentOS gear. Great distro.

Keep up the excellent work.