[CentOS] RPM questions about trying to build php-ldap --with-ldap-sasl

Sun Jul 23 20:32:12 UTC 2006
Michael B Allen <mba2000 at ioplex.com>

Hello CentOS People,

I'm trying to build the php-5.0.4-5 subpackage 'php-ldap' from the
centosplus repo --with-ldap-sasl. Strangly the stock php-ldap package
is linked with libsasl2 et al but the ldap_sasl_bind PHP function
is not available which leads me to conclude that it was not built

To this end, can anyone help with the following questions:

1) The php-5.0.4-5.centos4.src.rpm builds 17 packages. Is there anyway
to instruct rpmbuild to only build 1 of those packages? Is there a way
to hack the php.spec to only build 1 package?

2) Is there a way to specify a configure option with rpmbuild? I know
PHP's configure accepts --with-ldap-sasl but trying to simply pass that
as an argument to rpmbuild does not work.

3) Where is config.log? After running rpmbuild it is nowhere to be found.

4) I suspect I will need to experiment with changing the .src.rpm contents
and rebuilding the package(s). However, because rpmbuild unpacks the
archive anew each time, it overwrites any changes I attempt to make. Is
there a way to instruct rpmbuild to build from an existing build dir?


Michael B Allen
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