[CentOS] Re: PXE Boot Live CD

Mon Jul 3 18:25:55 UTC 2006
Kirk Bocek <t004 at kbocek.com>

By the deafening silence to my question I guess this is a Dumb Question (TM).

I can get the kernel on the Live CD to boot via PXE but I'm not sure how to get it to
configure a local NIC so you can NFS mount the CD image. All the kernel gives me is a
very limited root environment.

I guess the answer is to create a regular diskless boot image and use that. But is
there any way to create some sort of generic image that could be booted on a variety
of hardware using different NICs?

Kirk Bocek

Kirk Bocek wrote:
> Is it possible to boot the Live CD through PXE? I've tried using Red
> Hat's PXE setup tool but have been unsuccessful.
> Thanks,
> Kirk Bocek