[CentOS] Re: Using Centos on both server and client systems a private network

Mon Jul 3 18:54:00 UTC 2006
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

rance at frontiernet.net spake the following on 7/3/2006
9:26 AM:
> I'm looking for how-tos/hints to make the following possible:
> I downloaded all four centos 4.3 iso to a ext3 partition on my hd,
> burned the first disk only, and the a hd based install.
> Problem: Centos didnt seem to take into account that I was doing a HD
> based install and and ask me if I wanted to use the hd images as a
> source for additional appliction installs later.  Now it asks me for the
> cds and I dont want that.  I want it to look at the hd for the
> additional rpms.
> Question: How can I make this happen?
> Catch:  The catch is that this "server" will eventually be setup to
> "feed" the cds out to clients when they install and when they "add apps
> later". So I'd like to use an implementation method that lends itself to
> both applications.
> I'm open to nfs, ftp, or http content delivery to clients in case one or
> the other makes a difference.

Any of those will work, but you need to make some choices.
If only going to install on internal update, nfs works well and has the
advantage of using the iso files put in a directory, properly shared.
If you are going to do remote systems, I would use an HTTP install. FTP will
work, but it just seemed like a pain to get working properly.
For your boot cd, you could just use the boot.iso image in the /images/
directory on the first cd. This defaults to the "linux ask method" option you
have to boot the first cd with to get it to use all the methods available.


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