[CentOS] Upgrade 3.4 --> 3.7 went awry: rpmdb hosed

Fri Jul 7 13:39:33 UTC 2006
William L. Maltby <BillsCentOS at triad.rr.com>

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 09:15 -0400, Matt Hyclak wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 07, 2006 at 09:08:42AM -0400, William L. Maltby enlightened us:
> > <snip>

Sorry! Forgot what software I was using and sent a previous partially
constructed post!

> > ... I have been creating
> > three yum-based lists in /var after each update. The one which I think I
> > love the most is the installed list. ... can use that list, ... to recover
> > the rpmdb if I need to. <snip>
> Creating the lists is an excellent idea.
> > Anyway, all that presumes that recovery from my periodic backups are not
> > reasonable for some reason.
> > 
> > My question: am I missing the mark? Should I really be doing a list only
> > from RPM or is the YUM list (suf/de)ficient?
> > 
> It's the same list. Yum is merely an interface/dependency resolver on top of
> the RPM database.

Thanks. That gives me a tad more confidence I'm "Doing The Right
Thing" (TM). As the last step of the list creations, there is a diff run
between the previous and new list version. Any major unexpected change
will (hopefully) catch DB destruction right then and prevent my on-going
blissful ignorance morphing into angst.

It also serves to verify that what I think I saw in interactive feedback
during the YUM RUN (alliteration alert!) was really what I saw.

> Matt

Thanks again.

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