[CentOS] Hosting

Tue Jul 11 00:07:38 UTC 2006
John Hinton <webmaster at ew3d.com>

Mace Eliason wrote:
> Hi
> I am using Centos 4.3 to host various web sites that I maintain.  I am 
> finding that I am getting more and more, and I have thought of setting 
> up a hosting server to make things quicker for my self. I have setup 
> webmin with virtualmin and it seems to work fine so far.  What is 
> everyone else using.  I don't want to invest alot of money, but would 
> like some thing that is quick and easy to setup a domain and mysql 
> database, ftp etc.  Right now I have to edit httpd, etc etc.
> Thanks
> Mace
I use Webmin and am really happy with it. No, it doesn't have the 
automated powers of Plesk or Cpanel, but it doesn't have any limitations 
that I know of. (and you can always script those additional packages on 

I have many times customized accounts via the command-line. So far, 
Webmin has never balked. To my understanding, Plesk and Cpanel need you 
to operate totally under their GUI (or by knowing the GUI inside and 
out), which to me limits my abilities. If you're doing nothing but plain 
Jane hosting, the others would be better.. but if you want to keep the 
hands on control when you want it... Webmin is likely the better choice. 
Actually, Webmin has taught me a lot.. alternative ways of doing things. 
Viewing what Webmin does in the config files and where is a great 
learning tool.

I would not have recommended it a couple of years ago.. but I do think 
it has come along into a very nice application and has some really good 
backing by Open Country.

John Hinton