[CentOS] Hardware Raid cards RAID 0 / 1

Tue Jul 11 22:04:52 UTC 2006
Chris Heiner <cheiner at networkdesignsinc.net>

We were never able to install Centos from a boot CDROM, check bios setting
and deleted and recreated arrays. It never found any of the drives, yet the
Adaptec firmware was able to see all.

It's a driver issue I am sure as we were able to install fine with a Windows
2003 server after installing a driver from floppy (common).

Interesting though we were able to boot from a Knoppix Linux CD without an

We had never recompiled a module before and time wasn't on our side so we
opted for windows install and next time I want to get the right hardware
ahead of time so we don't have any surprises.

Its sound like 3ware is the way to go in the future or IDE (not my first

It was my error.

Hopefully that answers your question.


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Chris Heiner wrote:
> Last week we tried to install Centos on a brand new HP ML150 G2 with
> AIC-8130/ Marvell SATA Raid card and it was a no go. 

you forgot to mention what the problem really was.

and can you also post a 'lspci -v' for the machine ?

- K
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