[CentOS] Problems with installation

Fri Jul 14 23:57:58 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Horchler, Joerg wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I try to install CentOS 4.3 for X64_64 on a new Dell PowerEdge 2950. I have
> two problems:
> 1. 
> After booting from CD I pressed 'return' to start installation (BIOS-support
> for USB-keyboard works). After probing the hardware my USB-Keyboard is not
> working anymore. Dell removed ALL PS/2-Interfaces so I have to use USB. When
> I start installation with 'linux noprobe' the keyboard still is working and
> the installation starts. 

unfortunately, the usb support at install time is quite limited, what
you might need to do is find specifically what h/w is causing the
installer / keyboard to freeze up, and disable probe of that device /bus
only. the noprobe, by itself, will tend to stop the installer from
looking at anything - perhaps, not the desired result.

> 2. 
> After the installation starts it tries to load the storage drivers. In the
> case for this hardware it tries to load megaraid_sas. But it can't load the
> driver without an error. The installer just says:"loading megaraid_sas" for
> hours and hours (the complete last night). When I start with 'linux noprobe'
> I'm able to look at another console (alt+F2) and can try 'lsmod'. The output
> for megaraid_sas is 'loading' and not 'live' (again: for hours). 

you will need, as Jim pointed out already, the drivers from Dell for
this - also, i see you have an issue with the /dev/hda instead of the
/dev/fd0 coming up, one workaround for this is to convert the drivers
into an iso format and burn that to CD...

What Ver / Arch of CentOS are you installing here anyway ? in most cases
the installer will ask for which device has the Driver Disk ( you only
need to boot with linux dd ). the only time that it wont ask, is when it
can only find one device which might contain the driver disk ( perhaps
with the noprobe the fd0 is not being detected at all ). if you have
network, DD=http://somewhere/ should work as well, from the boot line.

I've not actually used one of these machines, so just sharing some ideas
that might be worth trying.


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