[CentOS] Emailing from Command Line

Sun Jul 16 02:54:20 UTC 2006
Mark Schoonover <schoon at amgt.com>

Thanks Guillermo. The thing is, I can send test emails outside my domain no
problem. I can't send emails to my internal smtp server from any CentOS
system on my internal network. I discovered that I didn't have an MX record
in tinydns for my internal network, so I added that. After testing, no
changes - any email that's destined to any address to my domain bounces with
the error message listed below.
I'm not a sendmail person, would rather do without it, but I don't think I
can simply remove it from CentOS. I could install postfix, or qmail and see
how that works, but it's serious overkill for sending simple emails
internally... Had hopes ssmtp would work, but that doesn't either. Works on
Gentoo systems, just not CentOS.
A hair puller that's for sure, but I'll keep banging on it until it works.
Thanks for all the ideas, if anyone can think of anything else, I'll try it!

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maybe you should try using an externa smtp to send you the emails.
And use sendmail as a client of that other smtp, your ISP smtp.

after having that configured you could try to send emails somewhere else, @
yahoo.com <http://yahoo.com>  or @ gmail.com <http://gmail.com>  as
suggested here.


Guillermo Garron

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Mark Schoonover wrote:
> Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> Mark Schoonover wrote:
>>>    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
>>> 550 5.1.2 < admins at amgt.com  <mailto:admins at amgt.com> >... Host unknown
(Name server: amgt.com <http://amgt.com> :
>>> no data +known)
>> is sendmail aware of your actual manchine hostname and howto handle
>> emails for this domain ? 
> Beats me, I'm a qmail guy, not sendmail. The part I'm confused about is
> ssmtp should handle things w/o an MTA running...

sendmail on the local machine should know what the hostname is. its
possible that ssmtp isnt where the problem is but the smtp hander on the
Rx end of things. Try sending emails elsewhere ? to an @ gmail.com
<http://gmail.com>  maybe ?

Alternatively, have you tried nut ? it should be available in most 
repo's. Does a fairly good job of sending emails from the command line (
and is what I tend to use )

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