AW: AW: AW: [CentOS] Problems with installation

Tue Jul 18 18:10:21 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at>

Horchler, Joerg wrote:
> I saw this too after extracting the modules. CentOS 4.3 is running a newer kernel than included in the driver disk. I then tried to install CentOS 4.2. The kernel version on this Release fits the kernel versions on driver disk. But -- CentOS 4.2 lacks support for the Broadcom Gigabit Controller of this machine. So I can't load the driver disk because network and USB are not available. 
> Now I see two options:
> Install CentOS 4.3 with an older kernel (which meens to rebuild the installation disk) or find a way to include both driver disks (megaraid_sas and bnx2) for CentOS 4.2. 

why can you not just ask Dell for an updated driver disk ?

the other real option is to install the module manually, the driver will
work fine, even if its built for RHEL 4.0 ( work with CentOS 4.3 - but
only if instmod'd manually, anaconda wont even bother testing / trying
if the kernel version is different, and hence the issue ).

Also, can you stop top posting ? that really messes up things.

- K