[CentOS] resolve problem

Thu Jul 20 05:43:45 UTC 2006
CentOS List <centoslist at gmail.com>

> CentOS List wrote:
>>>> I had install a CentOS 4.3. In etc/resolve.conf,  the nameserver i use 
>>>> is the static IP which i was issue by the datacentre. I cant resolve 
>>>> any domain. But if i use a public DNS IP, i am able to resolve. What is 
>>>> wrong with my IP?
>>> What's the output of:
>>> dig google.com @the.ip.you.were.given
>>> where @the.ip.you.were.given is literally something like @
> <snip output>
> Uhhh.... If that's what you got back, then that name server is totally 
> screwed up, not your machine.
> Verify with your isp that you have the correct IP for their name server.

Jason, thanks, but i dont really understand what you mean. Can you elaborate