[CentOS] help...about centos4.3 and dell poweredge 2800

Fri Jul 21 03:17:20 UTC 2006
Guillermo Garron <guillermo.fedora at gmail.com>

la traduccion al email de Karl Abajo.

On 7/20/06, Karl R. Balsmeier <karl at klxsystems.net> wrote:
> Ask him if he has a hardware RAID card : )
Tienes tarjeta RAID hardware?
> If not, we can walk him through the software RAID method.
si no tendremos que ir por el metodo software
> If he has a 64-bit server, he can use the x86_64 centos ISO's, and if he
> doesn't he will get a screen message saying "this machine does not support
> long mode" or something very similar.  In which case he can put the 32-bit
> Centos ISO's on there.
Si tienes un server 64 bit, podremos instalar x86_64 de otro modo
veras una pantalla diciendo "Esta maquina no soporta modo ensanchado",
en cuyo caso tendremos que usar 32 bit.
> Once we know if he has hardware RAID SCSI card or not, we can walk him
> through the disk setup, I will dig up the right FAQ for this and send it,
> along with my own notes...
Necesitamos saber si tienes tarjeta RAID SCSI.

> -karl