[CentOS] Error on update

Sat Jul 22 15:07:20 UTC 2006
Matt Hyclak <hyclak at math.ohiou.edu>

On Sat, Jul 22, 2006 at 11:01:22AM -0400, Sam Drinkard enlightened us:
> Just did an update with yum, and got this error when running the
> transaction check.
> Transaction Check Error:   package freetype-2.1.9-1.2.2.el4.rf (which is
> newer than freetype-2.1.9-1.rhel4.4) is already installed
> Yum then quit.  What do I need to do to fix this error?  This is a first
> for me.  x86-64 machine.

It would appear that you've updated freetype from the rpmforge repository,
and that repository is now disabled. You can either:

- Ignore freetype updates from the CentOS repositories and continue to get
  updates from rpmforge.

- Uninstall the rpmforge rpm and reinstall the CentOS version, and exclude
  freetype from any future updates from rpmforge

Looking into the protectbase or priorities plugins to yum may help you
eliminate any future instances of this issue.

FWIW, I leave the rpmforge repo enabled, but I use a specific list of
includepkgs so that only certain things that I know I need come from there.


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