[CentOS] VMWare

Sat Jul 22 19:55:50 UTC 2006
Mark Schoonover <schoon at amgt.com>

The only time you'll need to upgrade the vm_mod module is if it won't load
into a newer kernel. When you run vmware-config.pl, it'll tell you so and
prompt you to create a new module. Pretty painless.

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I just upgraded my kernel via yum and I didn't need to make any changes for
vmware to continue to work optimally.


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> I'm not familiar with that package. VMware is very very easy to install,
> though so I'm not sure where you're getting it's hard to install. It's
> simply an RPM file to install. It runs through a configuration utility, 
> where you answer a few questions (usually the defaults are good), and
> then you start the console with one command.
> Compared to other packages, VMware does a much better job at
> communicating with your hardware. It's more true virtualization compared 
> to other software just tricking the system. Each virtual machine is
> isolated from the other, so you should be careful about other packages
> in regards to issues like this.
You were rigth it is really easy to install, and has no comparation 
with QEMU it is like being in an old VW and then in a Bugatty!! :)
I have only one concern it had to compile a module for my kernel, so
when I update my linux Kernel with yum, i will loose my VMWare ?
I think yum is not take care of that :) 
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