[CentOS] All screwed up

Sun Jul 23 19:33:25 UTC 2006
rado <rado at rivers-bend.com>

> On Sun, 2006-07-23 at 12:54 -0400, Sam Drinkard wrote:
> > I've apparently made a mess of clamav.  Tried uninstalling it, and 
> > excluded it from dag's repo.  Now, when I yum install clamav and 
> > clamav-server, I'm apparently missing all the libs, data and so forth.  
> > Can someone tell me what I need to do to get this back ?  I probably 
> > blew all the old stuff away during the update or later, and don't have a 
> > clue as to why it's not doing what it's supposed to now.

Uggg!.....I don't know how right I am or whatever but the following
works for me.

On my website ...rivers-bend.com...I wrote a little how to on this that
I refer to when I have to upgrade or install. You might have a look at

John Rose