[CentOS] Re: Cron not sending e-mails anymore

Tue Jul 25 12:35:10 UTC 2006
Ugo Bellavance <ugob at camo-route.com>

Jim Perrin wrote:
> On 7/24/06, Ugo Bellavance
> <ugob at camo-route.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>         I have a cronjob that executes a script that has some echo
>> statements
>> in it and the commands in it also generate output (it copies files,
>> reloads services, etc...).
>>         Recently, cron stopped sending its output by e-mail.  I
>> restarted cron,
>> without success.  Any ideas where I shoud start to debug this?
> While it shouldn't happen, it's possible that the behavior changed
> during an update. Do you have a MAILTO line in your crontab? If so, is
> it defined, or an empty set?

Yes, I had a mailto line.  I removed it and I'm testing right now.