[CentOS] mysql5 in "centosplus" ?

Tue Jul 25 14:25:33 UTC 2006
William (Bill) Triest <wtriest at chemistry.ohio-state.edu>

Jim Perrin wrote:
>> What are the differences between centosplus mysql5 packages and RPMs
>> that can be downloaded directly from mysql.com?  I guess there was a
>> reason why you guys rebuilt those RPMs.  Other than for fun ;-)
> There are a couple patches to make things play nice in RHEL/Centos
> involving libtool, the lib directory, a proper init script, proper
> buildrequires etc. They're both similar, but we have far more control
> over our packages and can provide better support. Ours are also much
> closer to what you'll find "upstream".
I have been working on installing a webserver w/ CentOS 4 and mysql 5.  
When I started I didn't see mysql5 in centosplus so I installed the ones 
from AB.  I've been having trouble with SeLinux though, so I was curious 
if you had done something specifically to make this work.  (My best 
guess is the lib directory and stuff caused this to work if it moved it 
to match the default file contexts).

Anyways, I'm planning on switching over since the server isnt' deployed 
and this way I can get updates.  Thanks to the centosplus people for 
adding mysql5, you're saving me a bit of work.