[CentOS] Trusted Repositories

Tue Jul 25 19:57:50 UTC 2006
Nicholas Anderson <nicholas at fiocruz.br>

Hi all,

do you know some good/trusted repositories to include in yum's  
configuration that has packages that are not in the install tree ???
something like linuxpackages.net is for slackware ....
I mean, I was looking for a program to watch dvd's (like mplayer) and 
was thinking if there wasn't  anyway to install it through yum, but i 
didn't find any of them in the main repositories .....

Im a slackware user and was thinking of changing to centos mainly 
because im tired of having to compile things by hand :-)

I still use slackware on servers (it's performance and simplicity r great).
But im starting to migrate to centos on my laptop and workstation .... i 
installed it on my new laptop and i got everything working (like sound, 
wireless and video opengl) without having to compile anything ..... and 
this was very impressive to me ....

so, i wanna see dvd' s on my laptop without having to compile programs :-)

any tips ?

Nicholas Anderson
Administrador de Sistemas Unix
LPIC-1 Certified
Rede Fiocruz
e-mail: nicholas at fiocruz.br