[CentOS] mysql5 in "centosplus" ?

Wed Jul 26 16:54:23 UTC 2006
Alex Palenschat <alex at nssmgmt.com>

> Yep.
> Now that 5.0.x has made the leap to centosplus, that is where 
> updates will go for the 5.0.x branch. It's possible that in 
> the future a 5.1.x branch may pop up in testing, but the 
> c4-testing repository is development land. Things there are 
> not sure to last. If you leave it enabled, you'll need to be careful.

OK, thank you for clarifying. It would be nice to know when either cases
happen (package traverses repos in either direction).

Because of this thread this occurrence worked out fine, but is there a
separate list (other than CentOS announce) that I can subscribe to? I
realize that Jim already pointed out that notice wasn't given as usual
and I certainly wouldn't want to take anyone to task for it as I'm
extremely thankful for everyone's work on the project, but I'd like to
know if I'm missing part of the process. 
Also perhaps it would be good to have the whole testing/feedback repo
process spelled out more thoroughly for us newbies. I have used some dev
packages successfully and should be providing feedback into the process.
I'm not able to do a lot of work in testing things like php5, but I
suppose if I'm using it I should at least say "Hey, it's working!" to
the repo maintainer.

Sorry to belabor this and flames are accepted if it's been spelled out
before, but I'd rather ask than continue to benefit from the project
without providing the most basic of help/feedback.