[CentOS] OT: remote power cycling

Thu Jul 27 11:27:43 UTC 2006
Tom Brown <tom at ng23.net>

> I'm in a situation where I'm going to have to deploy a rack of servers 
> in an unmanned location in another country.  On rare occasions, I've had 
> systems that would not recover gracefully from a warm reboot and needed 
> the power cycled.  Years ago, I had such a device from APC, but haven't 
> needed one in a long time since all my locations are staffed.  I'd 
> welcome any suggestions from the list.

depends on the server vendor, most have remote access cards such as 
DRACS or iLO etc. If Dells these also have a BMC which means you can 
powercycle the box without having to buy a DRAC although you can't 'see' 
whats going on on the console for that you need a DRAC.

If its just remote power cycle then Baytech do good options that are 
easily expandable although remember that you'll need to double up on 
sockets as the servers will have redundant PSU's wont they.