[CentOS] changing the eye candy on the default screensaver

Wed Jun 14 13:53:10 UTC 2006
eric at austinconventioncenter.com <eric at austinconventioncenter.com>

> On 6/14/06, eric at austinconventioncenter.com
> <eric at austinconventioncenter.com> wrote:
>> > Has anyone already worked out the files involved in changing from the
>> > rather pedestrian screensaver to some more pleasing eye candy like
>> > Fedora Core 5 uses?
>> >
>> Errr... right-click on desktop: select screen saver properties?
>> Here, try this link http://rss-glx.sourceforge.net/
> Errr... perhaps an outing to 6th street as part of my next trip to
> Austin will refocus my interests ... meanwhile, my question should
> have emphasized what file(s) is/are necessary to change the login
> prompt which pops up following a key press, which is a little too
> mid-nineties for me.
> rgds/ldv
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6th street it is. send me an email when you are headed this way...

If I understand your question correctly, you are referring to the CLI
prompt?  If so, then look at the following:

if you are referring to the graphical login then take at look at kdmrc
under  /etc/kde/kdm for kde or gdm.conf under /etc/X11/gdm for gnome