[CentOS] Updates on Centos 4

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Mar 1 11:13:49 UTC 2006

Benjamin Smith wrote:
> On Monday 27 February 2006 14:32, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>Benjamin Smith wrote:
>>>On Monday 27 February 2006 06:58, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>>>depends on what you do, on a lot of production machines, people prefer 
>>>>to first know about the issues being fixed, and testing updates before 
>>>>they go live.
>>>The answer can be found here: 
>>>yes "n" | yum update 
>>I hope you dont do sysadmin as a profession. if you do - I fear for the 
>>people you run servers for. :)
> You provide only a vague reference to god-knows-what form of impending doom, 
> so perhaps you aren't aware of what `yes "n" | yum update` actually does? Do 
> you need to read it a bit closer? 
> Perhaps you have a better way to find out what packages are reported by yum as 
> ready for update that you might want to test first? 
> And I yes, I do sysadmin work as an integral part of my profession... 

you missed the point completely ....  specifically the portion about 
"....first know about the issues being fixed..." - you want to tell me 
how a yum list is going to explain the issues being fixed in the pkgs ?

I guess you could parse the pkgnames into a yum-downloader script and 
then --changelog check each.. suppose, that might work. But apart from 
that, for critical apps, I've always recommended people look at the 
issues before rolling out. eg. if you run a 5 million emails/day setup 
on postfix-mysql, it might be a good idea to make sure those connectors 
work before the yum update rollout.

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