[CentOS] p5v800-MX

Greg Swallow - SkyNet gregswallow at skynetonline.ca
Wed Mar 1 17:33:38 UTC 2006

Jim Perrin wrote:
> If this is who I think it is, we worked for a couple hours yesterday
> morning (EST) trying to get this system working. lspci shows NOTHING
> on his box, so it's new enough that even pci stuff doesn't play
> nicely. It's possible that 4.3 will fix him (or at least get pci stuff
> working) in the next month or so whenever it comes out, but for right
> now, his board is pretty much a paperweight that wastes electricity.

Well, there are a couple sources for newer kernels without having a redhat
subscription - if there will be support in 4.3 it will be in one of these
two places first:

> If this is going to be a desktop, slapping windersXP ultimate gold pro
> platinum edition, gentoo, or maybe ubuntu on it might get it working,
> but for a system designed as a server I wouldn't trust it. Sell the
> board and use the money to buy some supported hardware. BJS actually
> linked to a decent board in an offlist post that can be had on the
> cheap. This current board isn't gonna get it in RHEL4 or centos4...
> not for a while anyway.

No arguments there, but everyone's definition of server is a bit different.
Some hold your critical databases, some are for playing counterstrike :-p
Obviously it is a server on the cheap, so I figure he'd want to get it
running at the lowest cost.


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