[CentOS] Load Average

Benjamin Smith lists at benjamindsmith.com
Thu Mar 2 00:08:55 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 01 March 2006 13:34, Lamar Owen wrote:
> The E6500 had 14 CPU's and 16GB of RAM at the time, and 
> was serving an ab load (apache bench) of 256 concurrent requests to a Koha 
> integrated library system backend, over a total of 2.5 million requests.  

But isn't load simply added by the number of processors? 

EG: A load average of "1.00" on a 4-way system actually indicates 25% usage? 
250/14 could indicate an effective load average of 17, which is still high, 
but still - how much of that load was due to I/O? 


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