[CentOS] Raid 1 problems

Steve Huff shuff at vecna.org
Thu Mar 2 18:20:27 UTC 2006

On Mar 2, 2006, at 12:54 PM, Mace Eliason wrote:

> I have setup raid on a new server and have found that if I remove  
> one drive it will boot but if I remove the other it says missing OS.
> I am using two 18.2Gig SCSI drives, using software raid 1. I have  
> it setup with the following drives in this order.
> /boot
> swap
> /
> all are mirrored between the two drives.  I remember a while back  
> that their was a problem with grub would that be the problem here?
> Why does it work on one drive and not the other?

heh, i just posted about this.  read this doc:


essentially, you have GRUB loaded on one disk but not on the other.   
you need go into the GRUB console and manually install it on the  
other disk.  it's described in the doc.


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