[CentOS] How to create user with period (.)

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Fri Mar 3 03:00:00 UTC 2006

Benjamin Smith wrote:
> Why would you feel you *need* a username with a dot in it? 
Well, for me... I also use Webmin and it sort of suggests/defaults to 
this process for virtualhost. And a practice of this sort can be a good 
thing. Sometimes in certain situations underscores can't be seen whereas 
dots can, like http://my_site.com vs. http://my site.com in some 

Anyway, in a virtual hosting environment, the last thing you want to do 
is make the mistake of assigning anyone a username such as info, games, 
webmaster, postmaster, accounting and so on because if you do, they'll 
get all mail to info destined for any domain on the machine which does 
not have a info@ address. So, defaulting to info.domain as the user name 
is easy to read and easy to remember and we admins need everything to be 
as clear and as easy to remember as possible for our multitudes of 
'forgetful' <oh it was hard to be that kind> users.

Dots work well, but likely some other char would work as well. I just 
haven't considered all the possibilities.

And, you can set what you want to use or to not use anything in Webmin.. 
so it's not really anything but what the author thought was a good idea.

John Hinton

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