[CentOS] Done: Re: Advice on setting up Raid and LVM

Fajar Priyanto fajarpri at cbn.net.id
Fri Mar 3 08:28:51 UTC 2006

On Friday 03 March 2006 06:23 am, Scott Silva wrote:
> > RAID 1 partition:
> > md0 = 80GB (or whatever the useable total is)
> >
> > Then include md0 in VolGroup00 and create your logical volumes.
> >
> > LV0 = 300MB (/boot)
> > LV1 = 500MB (swap)
> > LV2 = 9.2GB (/)
> > LV3 = 70GB  (/home)
> >
> > This way everything is mirrored and everything is in one VG.  If you
> > need more space, add another pair of mirrored drives and add the new
> > mirrored device into VolGroup00.  Then you can use the space to expand
> > whichever filesystem needs it.  I would also advise following the
> > previous poster's advice and leaving a few GB unused so that you
> > aren't forced to add more drives immediately when LV2 fills up faster
> > than you expected.

Ok guys,
I have done it just like you suggesting (and also just like what the RHEL 
System Administrator Guide says).

> But you can't boot from a /boot partition in LVM. It needs to be either a
> physical partition or a raid1 array.

That's why I make this partition scheme:
sda1 and sdb1 = 300, mounted as /boot, raided as RAID 1 -> md0
sda2 and sdb2 = 79GB, raided as, raided as RAID 1 -> md1, then LVMed as 
VolGroup00, then added LV /, /home, and swap as needed.

By the way, looks like the grub bug on Raid 1 is no longer exist on Centos 
4.2. It correctly installs bootloader on both drives.

I then tested the disaster plan, I unplugged one drive, got email from mdadm 
that the raid was in degraded mode.

Plugged the drive back in, adding it again:
mdadm /dev/md0 --add /dev/sda1
mdadm /dev/md1 --add /dev/sda2

And the RAID is rebuild :)

I love Centos :)
Thank you very much.
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