[CentOS] Scalix install on CentOS

Timothy timothy at jupiter.stcl.edu
Sat Mar 4 05:37:14 UTC 2006

>Sweet. I downloaded the new v10 so I am looking forward to trying it out.  I
>noticed one of the requirements was sendmail. Does anyone know if postfix is
>fine instead of sendmail?  I prefer to run postfix rather than sendmail..

Scalix is based on the HP Openmail system.  It's pretty much a complete 
replacement of the MTA.  No postfix.  I'm installing it for a small business.  
They use lookout for the client.  This thing rocks.  Shared calendar, public 
folders.  All this stuff just works.  I was able to integrate spamassassin 
and clamav with it also.  The webmail access is really good too.  They use 
tomcat5 for all the web stuff.  All the administration is done via the java 
web interface.   There is command line stuff I'm starting to scratch the 
surface on.

I've installed community edition 9.4.2 and 10 on centos4.
Good luck.


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