[CentOS] Do i have to open port 631 for LAN printing

lnthai2002 at aim.com lnthai2002 at aim.com
Sat Mar 4 14:51:39 UTC 2006

I have a Samsung printer(ML-2010) connect to my centos 4.2 machine by 
usb. I want to share this printer with 3 windowsXP mchines in my LAN. 
Although i have install driver for the printer on all machines, use 
samba to share the printer, from the windows machine i still have an 
error"access denied, can not connect to printer" or something similar. 
In Security Level, i have checked "trusted device: eth0, sit0" , is 
port 631 automatically open? How do i know that my problem is not 
caused by the blocked port? Hope anyone can help
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