[CentOS] Do i have to open port 631 for LAN printing

John Pierce john.j35 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 14:05:01 UTC 2006


I am probably going to open another "can of worms" here, there is a
thread on the fedora user list archive that I started and have been
adding to lately.

Here is the bottom line, the defaults that would exist in cupsd.conf
if you built it from tarball that you obtained from www.cups.org are
not the compile time defaults that the redhat/fedora developers used
when building the rpms.  The changed several default values at compile
time to lock down security.

You have to add, at a minimum, two lines in the network section of
cupsd.conf, and they are:

Listen localhost
Listen 192.168.x.x:631

Change the x.x to whatever your host ip is.

Under browsing options you may also have to add the following line:

BrowseAddress @LOCAL

Also, you should use chkconfig --list cups-config-daemon and if it is
enabled then use chkconfig cups-config-daemon off and stop this
process as the halutils package will rewrite you cupsd.conf file often
and printing will mysteriously stop working.

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