[CentOS] Moving files to new server

Jim Smith jim_smith2006 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 5 18:44:25 UTC 2006

--- Thomas E Dukes <edukes at alltel.net> wrote:
> Hello Les,
> I think you are right about the fresh install.  This machine has
> been
> upgraded numerous times and I have the opportunity to clean things
> up.  My
> biggest concerns are the users, home directories and mysql dbs.
> Thanks for the step by step!!!!
> Eddie

With Update 3 knocking  on the door If I was you I'd :-

- burn fresh iso's of U3 (when they arrive) and partition the new
server afresh.
- Configure everything afresh bearing in mind that the old
- Use the old as a backup  while the new one gets on its feet.

Your present setup given the numerous upgrades and so on is not
recommended for a production machine.

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