[CentOS] multiple DVD-+RW drives?

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Tue Mar 7 20:52:04 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 15:11, Yanik Doucet wrote:
>  I was wondering if I could fit in my backup server 2 (4 would be great)
> DVD-RW drives?  Well I know I can, but could I use them at the same time? 
> I have like 500GB per month to backup, and not so much time on my hands,
> and a box full of DVD-RW disk...  I usually use K3B to burn my backups. 
> The backup server is a standard consumer level PC, nothing fancy.

Yes, you can do this.  I have a CentOS box at home with two DVD+/-RW drives; 
one is a 16x dual-layer Liteon, and the other is an 8x single layer Liteon.  
In my case, the drives are this way because I have run across pressed DVD's 
and CD's that the 16x drive will not read, but the 8x drive will, and 

K3b knows how to deal with multiple writers using selection and pull down 

While you CAN use both at the same time, it will make you machine quite loaded 
if you do so.  With DVD+ media (which needs growisofs (called by k3b) to 
work), burn-free is automatic, and will get quite a workout.
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