[CentOS] system-config-bind?

Benjamin J. Weiss benjamin at birdvet.org
Wed Mar 8 00:03:10 UTC 2006


Thanks!  That was one issue.  Turns out that the other was that I hadn't 
copied over my rootservers.cache file.  Instead of just generating a new 
one, it would fail.

Thanks so much!


Troy Engel wrote:

> Ben,
> Most common reason: bad ownership on /var/named*; run a "chown -R 
> named.named /var/named" and it'll probably fix you right up.
> -te
> Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:
>> Wonderful.  So now I'm getting a "rndc: connect failed: connection 
>> refused" error, my named configuration files are obviously not 
>> compatible, and I have about one freaking hour to figure out the 
>> differences and get three domains up and running.
>> Anybody have a job opening?  *sigh*
>> Ben

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