[CentOS] multiple DVD-+RW drives?

Mark Belanger mark_belanger at ltx.com
Wed Mar 8 16:09:09 UTC 2006

Yanik Doucet wrote:
 > Hi everyone
 > I was wondering if I could fit in my backup server 2 (4 would be great)
 > DVD-RW drives?  Well I know I can, but could I use them at the same
 > time?  I have like 500GB per month to backup, and not so much time on my
 > hands, and a box full of DVD-RW disk...  I usually use K3B to burn my
 > backups.  The backup server is a standard consumer level PC, nothing fancy.

I have successfully burned multiple CD's - so in theory it should work
providing that the box can be put into a quiescent state.

I have 160 gigs or so at home.  I solved my backup problems by
installing an extra 160G disk that is unmounted.  I wrote a script
that runs each evening, mounts the disk, and rsyncs the backup
data.  I will soon be changing it to use rsnapshot which will give
me several weeks(maybe months) of historical backup.  I'm in a position
where I can keep a 3rd copy of the data rsync'ed to an offsite machine.

I deem this to be sufficient for my needs.


 > Thanks
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