[CentOS] Karanbir CentOS REPO - Breakability?

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Mar 9 02:16:06 UTC 2006

Jim Smith wrote:
> How many of you have tried out the KBS CentOS Fedora Extras rebuilds?

going by the logs, it seems about 46 thousand ( give or take a few 
hundred ) people have used it ....

> In my case i enabled his misc and extras repo on a test machine and 

the misc repo, as clearly indicated, isnt a fedoras rebuild.

> - it proceeded to install apt that nuked the dag and centos list
> files. 

Who is this "it" you refer to ? the repository will not push apps down 
your way. Also, since were talking about it - apt is deprecated and 
users are actively encouraged to move to either yum or smartpm.

> - It also installed a very new version of wine, wine-devel and
> wine-tools that broke my wine apps. the centOS rpms from winehq work
> like champs. The winetools 0.9.3 rpm as  linked from the winehq
> website is the real thing that can install IE, rather than the cheap
> fedora imitation.

There is no way i can predict all the ways that users out there are 
going to install their apps and setup from various sources. yum provides 
the mechanism to lock pkgs to repo's, use it.

> Is anyone else experiencing difficulties with the KBS repo?

in this case, the difficulties you have are self induced. if you have 
any real valid issues, point them out and I'll work on fixing them.

- KB

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