[CentOS] DELL openmanage question

David Mansfield centos at dm.cobite.com
Thu Mar 9 19:36:30 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 11:07 -0500, Robin Mordasiewicz wrote:

> This is excellent. Maybe you could add in a blurb about percsnmpd and how 
> to configure the megaraid driver

I don't think percsnmpd is required anymore.  The snmp subagent is
included in the OMSA packages, and seems to be called:


As for the megaraid driver.  I didn't configure anything at all.  It's
out of the box centos 4.2, which is (from dmesg):

megaraid cmm: (Release Date: Mon Mar 7 00:01:03 EST 2005)
megaraid: (Release Date: Mon Mar 07 12:27:22 EST 2005)

I DID have to update the firmware on my Perc 4/DC and Perc 4e/Si cards,
the flash programs available on Dell's sites worked perfectly.  I ended
up using:

RAID_FRMW_LX_R116937.BIN --> Perc 4/DC
RAID_FRMW_LX_R116943.BIN --> Perc 4e/Si

Download, run, reboot.


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