[CentOS] hdparm strangeness

Chris Mauritz chrism at imntv.com
Sat Mar 11 00:19:23 UTC 2006

I've got a brand new .5U P4 system running several (I think) Seagate 
80gig SATA drives.  I tried to copy data from the first drive (sda) to 
the second drive (sdc) and was only getting about 1.7megs/sec.  So I 
figured DMA was off.  And this is what happened when I typed "hdparm -d1 

 setting using_dma to 1 (on)
 HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted
 using_dma    =  0 (off)

Any suggestions?  I've never had this type of problem before.


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