[CentOS] mail/access revisited

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Sun Mar 12 04:31:37 UTC 2006

A while back, I posted a note asking if anyone had any ideas why
the /etc/mail/access file was not being parsed or utilized in the
efforts to stop spam and junk mail.  I just looked over things again,
and have still not found any reason why it still permits the TLD's I
have listed to pass thru.  I also thought perhaps there might be some
"upper limit" to the number of entries sendmail could handle.  What do
the sendmail guru's think about that idea?  I may reduce the number of
entries from the current 275 +/- down to just the most offensive TLD's
and see what happens.  Short of that, are there any other thoughts ya'll
might have as to why it still passes the stuff I want blocked?


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