[CentOS] Need kernel 2.6.9-43.unsupport fron centosplus

lnthai2002 at aim.com lnthai2002 at aim.com
Sun Mar 12 14:51:48 UTC 2006

I have been using kernel from centosplus for a few months. It quite 
stable and have support for my TV card and ntfs partitions. However, 
after the last yum update, kernel 2.6.9-34 from the update repo has 
been installed with all other updated packages. In fact, i still have 
kernel 2.6.9-22.106.unsupport on my system but whenever i use this 
kernel, the cupsd can not start. Can anyone tell me when the kernel 
2.6.9-34.unsupport available? If nobody make that unsupport kernel, how 
can i roll back all the packages that can be use with kernel 
2.6.9-22-106.unsupport or how can i add driver for my TV card and ntfs 
Thanks in advance
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