[CentOS] Apache, fastcgi, ruby-on-rails etc.

Michael Metz metz at speedpartner.de
Sun Mar 12 16:33:56 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I've read a bit about fastcgi, and wondered if it might be an 
interesting solution for e.g. running php in a user-switched environment 
or running ruby-on-rails etc.

But I wonder why nobody (searched on Google) seems to use CentOS with 
mod_fastcgi for Apache 2.x.

And I also wonder why people actually using Apache 2.x and ruby-on-rails 
with CentOS did run a lighthttpd-fastcgi inbetween and reverse-proxying 
requests from Apache to lighthttpd to actually forward them to RoR 
running as fastcgi.

Could sombody please give me a hint?


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