[CentOS] hdparm strangeness

Peter Kjellström cap at nsc.liu.se
Mon Mar 13 07:44:48 UTC 2006


I had a very similar problem with a bunch of supermicro boards (X6DVL-EG2). 
The problem was that the bios somehow confused libata so badly that it fell 
back to using the old ide legacy whatever thingy (resulting in hda instead of 
sda and of course no dma).

The solution was to fiddle with the sata settings in bios. Strangely enough, 
enabling mixed mode (pata and sata) in bios resulted in something the kernel 
could understand and libata has been happy ever since (reporting combined 
mode operation in dmesg).

good luck,

On Sunday 12 March 2006 02:15, Chris Mauritz wrote:
> Sudev Barar wrote:
> > On 11/03/06, Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com> wrote:
> >> Following-up my own post.....
> >>
> >> I've also been able to determine that the affected system is using a
> >> Supermicro motherboard with an Intel 845GE chipset.
> ...
> Actually, the system is only about 5 months old and is running a P4
> 3.2mhz processor.  The drives are SATA Hitachi units so it's definitely
> not an old PATA cable issue.

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