[CentOS] Linux RAID

Peter Kitchener peter at registriesltd.com.au
Mon Mar 13 22:20:54 UTC 2006

Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

> Quoting Peter Kitchener <peter at registriesltd.com.au>:
>> How does one fix an array that has come up as degraded?
> Let say "cat /proc/mdstat" states /dev/sda1 in /dev/md0 is the one 
> that failed.  You'd remove it from array with "mdadm /dev/md0 -r 
> /dev/sda1".  After you replace failed drive and partition it, you'd 
> use "mdadm /dev/md0 -a /dev/sda1" to add it back.  If you had more 
> that one partittion on /dev/sda (belonging to different arrays), you'd 
> repeat above mdadm commands for each of them.

Thank you. That seems to have worked.


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