[CentOS] SMART for SATA devices ?

Peter Kjellström cap at nsc.liu.se
Tue Mar 14 11:35:21 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 12:12, Bards1888 wrote:
> I noticed that the changelog for the new kernel 2.6.9-34 on the redhat
> enterprise watchlist states on of the fixes as;
> 145061 - SMART support in SATA driver (P1)
> Does this mean that with that kernel we should be able to interrogate SATA
> drives now ?

It seems we will need a new smartmontools (I don't know if that's included in 
4.3) even if 2.6.9-34 now supports it:

[root at dx ~]# uname -r
[root at dx ~]# smartctl -a /dev/sda
smartctl version 5.33 [x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu] Copyright (C) 2002-4 Bruce 
Home page is http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/

Device: ATA      HDS728080PLA380  Version: PF2O

SATA disks accessed via libata are not currently supported by
smartmontools. When libata is given an ATA pass-thru ioctl() then an
additional '-d libata' device type will be added to smartmontools.


> Cheers,
> Bards.

  Peter Kjellström               |
  National Supercomputer Centre  |
  Sweden                         | http://www.nsc.liu.se
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