[CentOS] Printing from apps as a regular user...

Jose Alburquerque jaalburquerque at cox.net
Wed Mar 15 04:38:13 UTC 2006

lnthai2002 at aim.com wrote:

> Most application use lpr to send print job to print server. lpr is not 
> a program actually, it is just a symlink to lpr.cups. Some application 
> does not use lpr but lp instead. For example, acroreader use lp on my 
> system by default. Since it can not find lp or lp.cups, acroread cant 
> print. To make it print, you have 2 options: create a symlink called 
> lp in /usr/bin pointing to /usr/bin/lpr.cups or tell the application 
> to use lpr instead of lp. Hope it help
> Thai

Thanks for the reply; great info.  However, I checked in /usr/bin and 
there is already an 'lp' command there:

[jose at sweety ~]$ ll /usr/bin/lp
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 26 Mar  6  2005 /usr/bin/lp -> 

Also, why would printing from apps like firefox or ggv work for one user 
and fail for another?  Thanks again.


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