[CentOS] RFI: recommendation for temperature monitoring

Kari Salovaara kari.salovaara at pp1.inet.fi
Thu Mar 16 08:26:24 UTC 2006

Eduardo Grosclaude wrote:
> DId you try mbmon (and/Or xmbmon)?

Hi Eduardo,

Yes, thanks. Unfortunately without luck.
Situation is the same, no support for the chipset.
I tested it by using also those utilities. They show that there
is 11 SBMbus candidates. I've to read documentation more.
Actually mbmon could be easier to make a new monitor,
I'll try it later and contribute something for the community
(I'm involved already in 3 big FOSS projects, so the time, the time).

It's funny that these new chipsets (ICH7R) are not supported due
they are used in such mainboards/processor combinations
which produce more heat problems than the oldies.


Kari Salovaara
Hanko, Finland

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