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Thu Mar 16 14:18:50 UTC 2006

Where there's will, there's a way

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   already tried, but not working. any other suggestions. any idea how 
to tie the printer to


 On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, Paul Heinlein wrote:

 > On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, JC wrote:
 >> Hi list,
  >> I have a Centos server ( and HP printer (LaserJet 
  >> with IP HP printer is connecting to my server via 
  >> and I can print ok. What I want to do now is trying to tie HP 
printer to
  >> my server, so when I type, I'll see 
my HP
 >> printer and be able to connect to it, then print.
 > CUPS lives on 631/tcp, so you instead might try
If the HP printer is on a linux machine then port 631 must be to listen 
to signal from LAN. By default, cups only listen to //localhost:631
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