[CentOS] getrichquick crazy user's email habits

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Fri Mar 17 07:26:29 UTC 2006


i have a lady that likes the getrichquick stuff and has subscribed to just
about every possible spammers mail queue in the known universe.

right now she has 2290 emails in her mailbox and i cannot view them in
squirrelmail to dust em

i dont want to dust her email just yet....

i want to learn from this situation how to better admin for a single user as
well as the entire system including other domains etc.

i need some advise and, of course, i dont mind reading docs etc

ummmm what docs and files should i be concerned about in regards to *her
only* so that anything that has a rating of above 3.8 addressed to *her*
gets deleted


what should i be looking for in squirrelmail or imap that allows me to up
the amount of emails that one can view via squirrelmail

ive been searching for "squirrelmail limits" and other things like that to
no avail so far.

i have the php stuff set correctly and bumped it up for attachments and all
that yet im still not finding the other limits i need to address.

should i be looking in imap? php? or squirrelmail? or?

thanks in advance.

 - rh

Robert Hanson - Abba Communications
   Computer & Internet Services
 (509) 624-7159 - www.abbacomm.net

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