[CentOS] Postfix + MySQL + IMAP + Squirrelmail + Virtual Domains + Web Management.

Brent DiNicola centos at elric.net
Fri Mar 17 19:01:23 UTC 2006


I have long read and followed this list. I have also spent a 
considerable time with our good friend Google.

I am a long time Sendmail user, about 15 yrs now. I have recently been 
looking into the newer services and the Postfix setup seems to be a very 
nice one. I am migrating a mail server from 3.x to 4.x and was intending 
on trying out Postfix on the 4.x server. I have found /alot/ of HowTo's 
covering various Postfix implementations. I have tried a few of these to 
various stages, some completely, some partially. I have not however 
found one that would take a CentOS 4.x system from Sendmail to Postfix 
completely. I can get Postfix to work. I can get MySQL to work with in 
some cases Cyrus and Courier for the IMAP services. I can get some 
Virtual Domain working but not completely. I can't however get it to 
actually work all together. I have a bit of ignorance with Cyrus/Courier 
IMAP as I have previously just had a simple Squirrelmail to Sendmail 
with stock IMAP services and all my users previously were real UNIX 
accounts, which I am trying to not require now.

Does anyone have a real HowTO that goes from a stock 4.x load to Postfix 
etc.? I have follow Hughes HOWTO but it also skips the Courier/Cyrus 
part. I have gotten it all working except it doesn't make any MailDirs 
so then Squirrelmail freaks with Invalid Mailbox errors. It's quite 
frustrating to me because most of the HowTO's skip steps, like getting 
users into the SQL (which I have figured out a few times). It would be 
nice to have a real HOWTO that does /all/ the steps from stock to this 

If I have missed previously posted good HowTo's please point me to them 
and I apologize for the oversight. I have done many google/mailing list 
searches and they all seem to be 'almost' a how to.

Thanks for the Help.


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