[CentOS] Postfix + MySQL + IMAP + Squirrelmail + Virtual Domains + Web Management.

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Fri Mar 17 21:14:50 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 14:38 -0600, Brent DiNicola wrote:
> Matt Hyclak wrote:
> > On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 02:08:18PM -0600, Johnny Hughes enlightened us:
> >   
> >> My How-to doesn't cover Courier because it has it's own special mailbox
> >> format and does not use normal Linux users.  Dovecot does use normal
> >> Linux users and the standard maildir format.
> >>
> >>     
> >
> > I think you mean Cyrus. Courier can use regular linux users with authpam,
> > authpasswd, or authshadow. It uses the Maildir++ format which extends the
> > standard Maildir, but is completely interchangable. See
> > http://www.inter7.com/courierimap/README.maildirquota.html
> >
> > Matt
> >
> >   
> This was my confusion also, learning the Cyrus/Courier
> differences. Many of the How-To I found used Cyrus but
> I could also find many who said Cyrus was evil. In
> trying to see what it was doing right or wrong when trying to
> do the setup and I would say it was cryptic at best to me.
> As a side, I meant no disrespect for what you left out of your
> How-To Johnny, I think I found a response as to why you did
> it in answer somewhere else and that seemed reasonable. I do
> suppose the only true way to make this work.. is to learn each
> piece and make it work for me instead of hoping for a step by
> step to get me going quicker. Sometimes it's just nice to be a
> bit lazy with the new things, it's quite a deal going from Sendmail
> to something else as it is :)
#1 - check out Wil Cooley's pages on Cyrus...

and I'm quite sure that he uses Postfix

#2 - Migration from Sendmail to Postfix is relatively easy...and I'm not
sure where you are headed with this except that using Postfix with MySQL
user db seems to me to be not an optimal solution but I believe that
Johnny has such a version of Postfix (compiled with MySQL) - I think on

#3 - if you want virtual users (i.e. users without shell accounts), the
more logical thing is to use LDAP where Postfix, Cyrus, and all software
basically just works with very little configuration changes and no
dependence on custom builds.

My typical setup these days incorporates...

Postfix     # MTA
sqlgrey     # greylisting for postfix
MailScanner # wrapper for clamav & spamassassin
clamav      # anti-virus
spamassassin # spam detection
cyrus-imapd # imap/pop server
Fedora Directory Server or openldap-server

MailScanner and Fedora Directory Server have to be downloaded from
project sites as they aren't packaged by centos or compatible

sqlgrey I think comes from dag repository

the rest from centos repository

Yes cyrus-imapd does have it's own storage methodology but it has to be
the most powerful of all the IMAP servers and so much of it's power can
be automated.


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