[CentOS] Updating kernel and RAID

Fajar Priyanto fajarpri at cbn.net.id
Sat Mar 18 16:52:08 UTC 2006

On Saturday 18 March 2006 11:19 pm, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> The only potential issue that I can think of is if you need to build a
> driver for your hardware.  If you installed from a CentOS CD/DVD and did
> not need any new drivers to be compiled, then it should be safe to
> upgrade the kernel.
> There are dmraid issues with a couple machines, but you can just
> uninstall dmraid if it is a problem in those instances.

Thanks Johnny, I'll update it when I get back to the office again. I guess I 
need to update the kernel so that smartd can work on the SATA disks.
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